About Us

Who isn’t out to conquer the web?

We get it, that’s why we formed Atomic Dumpling.

Over the years (like 50 of them), we’ve gained experience working on creative and technical projects.  It’s taught us a lot of things.  Mostly, we learned that one company doesn’t have all the answers. In fact, going with one company for big picture solutions usually isn’t the greatest idea. That’ because everyplace has their own idea of how things should be.

It’s the 21st century, information is at your fingertips. 

Which is exactly why were created a business model that brings together other businesses to solve complex problems.  Every businesses’ goal is to solve a problem. So, that isn’t a unique concept. 

Where we stand out is that we bring together multiple businesses to solve problems by working as a team.  Our teams are independent specialists, that as a collaborative group, are the bomb!

Want to find out more about becoming part of our team? Check out our subcontractor information.

Bios & Stuff

Leigh-Alexandra Jacob, Creative Director

You’ll know award-winning, visual effects artist, Leigh-Alexandra Jacob, from movies like Aliens, Batman, The Aviator, and dozens of others featuring her special effects wizardry.  Leigh’s been working on major media projects for globally recognized brands for 24 years. Her experience in film, animation, commercials, music videos, and practical visual effects industries not only balances out the crew from the creative side, but also with her understanding of the creative process. 

Anna Pilette, Projects Manager

Globetrotting geophysicist and technologist, Anna Pilette has worked around the world on dozens of projects over her 25 year career.  She’s helped build some of the most well-known marine software and hardware systems on the planet.  Taking her involvement with software and hardware to the next level, Anna cofounded Atomic Dumpling with the focus of merging tech with media to create large scale projects around the web.

Want to know more?

EmpowerHER Global Podcast, hosted by Lena Benjamin interviews Anna Pilette & Leigh-Alexandra Jacob. April 2, 2019

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