The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

Who we are...

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Our Mission

As a team, we’re an eclectic mix of backgrounds.  So we created a company that mixes everything we know how to do.  Our business model is centered around the notion that we can proved amazing services to associates in diverse fields from film to engineering. 

What We Do

As people, we wanted to create a company that is like nothing else out there.  There hasn’t been a place, outlet, or opportunity for people to easily show off their creative side.  That’s where we come in.  We take the difficulty out of finding the next step and provide the tools people need to succeed through our consulting services.

In wanting to help others, we decided to make it our mission to provide consulting for technology and creativity projects. We wanted to help people through who create through innovation.  We can help your project move from inception to finale. 


Professionals you can trust.


The Cofounders


Leigh-Alexandra Jacob

Founder & Creative Consultant

Award-winning, visual effects artist, Leigh-Alexandra Jacob, has been working on major media and globally recognized brands for over 20 years. Her experience in film, animation, commercials, music videos, and model making industries not only balances out the crew from the creative side, but also with her understanding of rapid prototyping as a process. Leigh provides unique vision for all innovations and creative direction for every project.


Anna Pilette

Cofounder & Technical Consultant

After managing large-scale, multinational projects at sea for over 20 years, Anna Pilette brings big-picture thinking to the business management side of the team. Her background in technology spans drones, robotics, acoustics, and optics expands into operations and product development. Anna is a geophysicist, certified diver and sUAS Remote Pilot. She has a decades worth of real-world experiences with operations, development, testing, and markets.

The Atomic Dumpling

Motley Beast

The Atomic Dumpling

Motley was thrown into a dumpster as a four week old kitten. Mercifully, the act had a witness who immediately rescued her and took her home. Once cleaned up and healthy, Motley became part of the adventure. Motley is the inspiration for the company name. Today, this three-year old feline is the mighty ruler of a future dynasty. You can spot a little bit of Motley in everything we do. She's the official mascot of Atomic Dumpling.