We create a team through collaboration. With a diverse group of people we can create ideas to overcome obstacles.

Diversity through Business Collaboration

We’re building business collaboration with people from around the United States. It’s important to realize people are the strength of every project because of their perspectives. In the same way that no one’s experiences are the same, we don’t believe any one company has all the answers. That’s why we formed Atomic Dumpling.  

Small Business Partnerships

The projects we are able to produce range in scope from small business to State agencies.  In order to provide the best possible services, we choose small businesses based on their specializations for each project.

Business Goals

We look for big thinkers. Our goal is to bring a number of ideas to the table. This means that every company we work with specializes in particular services. It also means they are active in helping organization achieve their goals.

Granted, the goal of any business is to help someone. Our goal is to help other businesses with multiple problems. By creating a collaborative environment, we build the team off of strengths. We can help organizations with many problems and provide a number of ideas!

Who We Are Looking To Partner With

Everyone in our business collaborative has professional knowledge and business experience. Therefore, we’re looking to partner with niche businesses that improve our fluidity on types of projects we can tackle.

Working Together

If you’re looking to partner up as a subcontractor and be part of the cohesive team, we’d love to hear from you.  The types of companies we’re working with are masters of their craft and are awesome.  We’re always looking for good team members to work on projects with. 

Contact us to learn about becoming a subcontractor! 

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