The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

Innovative thinking, exemplified.


Our Mission

As a team, we’re an eclectic mix of backgrounds.  So we created a company that mixes everything we know how to do.  Our business model is centered around the notion that we can proved amazing services to associates in diverse fields from film to engineering. 

As people, we wanted to create a company that is like nothing else out there.  There hasn’t been a place, outlet, or opportunity for people to easily show off their creative side.  That’s where we come in.  We take the difficulty out of finding the next step and provide the tools people need to succeed through our services.

In wanting to help others, we decided to make it our mission to provide consulting for technology and creativity projects. We wanted to help people who create through innovation.  We can help your project move from inception to finale.


 Ideas based on intelligence.

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Uncommon Problems Require Unique Thinking

Atomic Dumpling was formed to lead projects to successes as a management service.

We provide guidance and leadership for projects that require knowledge you get from rolling up your sleeves and doing the job. 

Our team has experience working with everyone, start-up entrepreneurs to enterprise level corporations.  Bringing technology and creativity together under one roof, we manage complex ventures in:

  • Media

    • Visual Effects

    • Photography & Videography

  • Web Centered Design

    • Web Pages

    • VR/AR/AI

    • Software Applications & Databases

    • eCommerce

    • eLearning

With have nearly 50 years of combined real-world experience. Our team’s unique backgrounds translate to rock-solid experience, bringing creative thought to every project in which we are involved.  We aren’t limited in capacity because we draw from our strategic partnerships to earn comprehensive skill sets. That is why we joined forces.  To bring our imagination and skills to bear as a combined unit. Our knowledge translates to forge real solutions for uncommon problems.

We provide custom quotes for every project, because every project is different, so we don’t put anything in a box just to make a sale. We want to provide the service based on exactly what you are looking for and for the lowest price we can.


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Atomic Dumpling, LLC

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Beaverton, Oregon, 97005

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