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Ermahgawd, I Need a Website?

There seems to be a disconnect about whether you need a website as a micro entity small business.  The short answer is YES, dammit, you need a website!  The long answer is the reason why you need a website.

Alright, I used a magic word combo there, huh?  What’s a micro entity small business?  I’m so glad you asked (even though I know you didn’t.). A micro entity small business is defined as a small business with fewer than 500 people.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about you brand new website.

Ok, I need a website, what for?

A website is like your own personal intergalactic space station.  It is the hub that all information will rotate around, it’s the platform that launches your brand, and it a place to land to give people a connection point to you.  Even if your work is simply through social media, you want to give people more…  MORE!

You can do that with a website.  Brand ambassadors can expand their earnings 2x times simply by adding a website.  Besides, let’s say you’re a streamer on Twitch, you’ll want to give people as much information as possible including emails, specialty codes for merch, a merch platform, and so much more.

I’m Freelance, Do I Need a Website?


Remember when I said that a website is a hub?  A website is a portal to your work and to you.  While you can be on LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. you still need to create a brand.  A website allows you to tie your social media, portfolio, resume, and more together.

What Kind of Website Do I Need?

This is the part that must fit what you’re doing.  If you’re business focus is on products, you’ll want to look at ecommerce platforms.  If you’re focus is services, you can use several platforms to get started like WordPress.  What you choose is entirely up to your purpose.  You will need to think about content, media, and other information as well.  But your first step is finding a platform for your brand before getting everything together.

As always, if you need help or have questions, you can reach out to me at info@atomicdumpling.com.  Check out our web design information here.

Anna Pilette

Anna Pilette

Owner & Project Director, Atomic Dumpling LLC.

About a million years ago, I was in the Navy. After, I worked for a bunch of companies and eventually realized that their business practices left a lot to be desired. Today, I’m helping small businesses and freelancers avoid mistakes and build their own brands.  You can follow me on TikTok or where.  You can also reach out for help info@atomicdumpling.com