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To achieve our goals as a startup small business, we are connecting with other small businesses and freelancers. Our company services local governments around the USA. We’re looking to specialize on projects that benefit cities, museums, libraries, police department, hospitals, and other organizations on the local level. So, we’re looking for experienced people to contract and subcontract work too. Working for local governments requires a bit more in creating contracts, but the work is both rewarding and lucrative. There’s also plenty of it.

We’re interested in connecting with others that would like to get involved with local government projects. It’s alright if you haven’t done it before or if you aren’t sure where to start. We start with hello and go from there!

Who are we looking for? Atomic Dumpling is looking to meet freelancers that have at least 7 years of experience.

Why so much experience? Part of qualifying for the work is the experience level of the team. But also, we’re looking for people that know what they do like the back of their hand. Plus, you’ll have to:

  • Read and write contracts.

  • Understand and meet deadlines.

  • Be able to communicate in writing, over the phone, and in person.



Project Managers

Managing a project is no small feat, it requires leadership, patience, and the ability to communicate. We’re looking to hear from PMs with backgrounds in Media Production, Web Design, and Software dev.

Our projects are managed remotely, the crews are all over the USA, and the clients need consistent delivery. So, we need PMs that can work effectively on projects, keep accurate records, and understand the context and content of every contract they work on. If you’re interested in working with us, here’s what we’re looking for to build our network for PM. Did we mention you’ll be remote? We don’t do office spaces unless they are the client’s.



Media Production

Commercial photography and videography are a big part of web content. We’re looking to add to our pool of contractors for aerial media production, video, and photography. All remote pilots must have relevant certifications and insurance specific to aerial operations. Additionally, remote pilots will need to provide all relevant materials for flight plans for each project. You’ll need to be open to travel to other States & territories (domestic work only). The rest of the work is all remote from your home office.



Web & Software Developers

The internet is a fast moving communication tool and local governments need better websites. This means there are a number of projects ongoing that we’ll need developers for. You’ll be active on bids and on projects, lending your expertise to providing answers. We’re looking for talented folks that work with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, you name it. We’re also looking for software developers that build custom pieces that tie together 3rd party integrations to the web design elements. If your company builds databases, applications, and other software, we’d love to talk with you.



Graphic Artists & Copywriters

We’re looking for talent! The type of work you can expect would be flyers, brochures, and stuff that involves nature, history, and tourism. You’ll be dialed in to helping local governments, school districts, and museums plan out their year’s worth of activities and communicate them to the public. You’ll be active in bidding, and that mean’s you’ll have to provide samples. This doesn’t mean free work, it means your portfolio in bite size chunks.



Technical Writers

We need brilliant writers that specialize in transforming software notes into training courses and technical documents. We’re developing web centererd web software, we need good writers that can round out a winning written program.



Hit Us Up!

At Atomic Dumpling, you’ll be talking straight to the cofounders, not an ATS or HR Manager or a Recruiter.

So, tell us why you’re interested in us and what you’re looking for too. Atomic Dumpling is an equal opportunity company. That means we actively encourage people from the LGBTQIAA community, veterans, women, and minorities to engage with us for sub/contracting roles.

As a side note, if you’re a personnel agency or recruiter, we only deal directly with freelancers and small businesses directly. It’s business, nothing personal.

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