Tech Consulting

After years of working for the companies that used systems, being in the military, and going freelance, Leigh & I are taking the next cosmic step with Atomic Dumpling.  We’ve opened our doors to creating a consultancy.

Needing an adviser or project manager doesn’t need to be a guessing game anymore.  I feel great about making the decision to take the next step in my career by starting my own company.  I know I have the experience and the understanding to bump things up and make some magic happen.

Running an unmanned vehicles (UxS) is a complicated process. There’s a level of understanding that needs to be in place in order to operate successfully.  Understanding outcomes for the expected project is only a small piece of the puzzle.  Not only does one need to understand the vehicles themselves, they must understand regulations and the science for the application.

It doesn’t need to be complex.  We’re here to help starting today.