As a small business owner, it’s tough trying to come up with things to talk about daily. It’s even harder trying to come up with conversation starters to get people to notice your business over the noise on social media.

There’s always so much to talk about, but only so little can be said in opening.  That’s the hard part.  Finding the balance of blathering on about a topic, finding the right opener for people to jump onboard and get the conversation rolling.  It feels like walking on a slackline; it’s unstable and the balance is a lot of guess work.

Social media is like a giant hall, filled with music, people, and a place where everyone is trying to be heard all at once.  For someone just getting cracking, it’s both awe inspiring and nightmarish.  Twitter alone reminds me of a room full of sugared up toddlers, each hell bent on getting your attention one way or another. 

I’m not trying to rattle all social media with a level of cartoonish glare.  I’m trying to open conversations.  Whether they be about the Energy industry, awesome ways to film in the air, or about the startup drone idea living in your head. 

I’m looking to use my knowledge to help people and the environment.  Which gives me a lot to talk about, if your willing to jump onboard to have a conversation.   

Anna Pilette is a geophysicist and technologist turned digital consultant.  Anna is a Cofounder of Atomic Dumpling.  You can contact her at