Who we are…

We believe in working as a team with talented, focused people that are masters at what they do.  With Atomic Dumpling in the lead, we bring together several highly specialized people to create comprehensive projects.  That’s why we can work across spectrums to create a full service of web-centered digital projects.  From video to web design… we are the intersection of creativity and technology, we’re all here to help you.

Leading through experience.

Leigh-Alexandra Jacob is the creative director for artistic projects for Atomic Dumpling.

Award-winning, visual effects artist, Leigh-Alexandra Jacob, has been working on major media projects for globally recognized brands for over 20 years. Her experience in film, animation, commercials, music videos, and practical visual effects industries not only balances out the crew from the creative side, but also with her understanding of the process as a whole. Leigh provides a unique vision for all innovations and creative direction for every project. She lends her expertise to Art Direction and Production Design concepts and projects.

Anna Pilette is the technical project manager for Atomic Dumpling.

Anna has spent her career managing projects the world over for over 20 years. She brings big-picture thinking to the business management side of the team. Her background in technology spans drones, robotics, acoustic and optical systems, and expands into operational practices around the world. Anna is a geophysicist and a technologist whose work has taken her from Tokyo to Reykjavik. She has decades worth of real-world, hands-on experience with technical project management and development projects in global tech markets. For Atomic Dumpling, she manages operations of the company and projects.

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