Web Development & Design

From corporate e-commerce to mom-and-pop food carts, a great website requires equal amounts of visual appeal, an intuitive layout, with a secure backbone. Rock-solid brands are coupled with great experiences in front-end design (UX) to back-end performance creating the perfect customer experience (CX). Whether the base is Drupal, WordPress, or any other type of site, we will produce for you the complete experience.

It’s Time

To Stand Out

Storytelling Starts

With Your Website

A website isn’t just a destination, but an entire discovery experience. From big commerce to entertainment, your website requires a visual appeal, intuitive layout, and a solid backbone. This is the first waypoint on a potential client’s journey into your story. You need to nail your website, the first time, to keep them interested.

We’ll help you from the front-end to the back-end to get the perfect customer experience in place. Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or any other type of site, we’ll help you fully integrate it to become a complete experience. Through search engine optimization, UX and UI, web design. Atomic Dumpling is with you every step of the way.

Each member of our team is an inventive developer of websites that your organization needs. We are the alpha and omega of the process. Rounding it out, we mix it all with out-of-this-world video, visual effects, and photography to create content for the public to consume.


Your brand needs to be front and center. It’s the focus of your digital story and the center of the universe you are creating.  On the front end, that includes how people will interface with your site, copywriting, and what they see about you.  It’s called your brand voice, and we’re going to help you find it.

Just as importantly, what your employees see, and use are equally important. Which is why we sit down with your team to create a strategy. 


Inspiration comes from everything your business does. Our mission is to help you create a design around your story. We start by helping your business step out from the white noise.

Next, we get you and your team to share your culture and perspectives on what exactly your business is. Together, we’ll create the concept for the digital design that will become your first impression.


This is the real nitty-gritty part of website creation. We take the elements that are the pieces and bring them to life. We’ll create the front end, structure backend features, and incorporate third-party APIs, software, and the configurations your business needs configurations.  

After we finish the initial build, we’ll test it to make sure it’s right as rain. Once it passes testing, we’ll bring it to you for feedback. As soon as it passes muster, we’ll finish the development of your new website.

Ready To Launch?

Let’s make a beautiful website together.  You can book a 30-minute call or drop us a quick email.  Either way, we got you.