Writing Services

Good writers are hard to come by.  We see quality as defined by a focused plan, development of your story, and a coherent theme. Writing should be ageless, easy to understand, and consistently produced.  A great story comes from knowing your audience and what you’d like to share with them. 

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Words Are Very Nesseccary

Through writing, exist a powerful way to capture a customer. You can make a potential client experience emotional connections to your product or make them desire a service. Writing is the interconnecting element between all of your business’s assets and the foundation of your story. The written word is power. Through that power comes the ability to create memories, drive events, create the human experience. Words have meaning, and through them, we can move mountains.

With great power comes a responsibility to create logic-based plans to outline the writing process. The greatest story to tell about your business requires that each asset you have and want to create be tied together with words.  

Understanding your goals is an important first step. Atomic Dumpling will work with you, develop your ideas as a plan, and capture all key materials, relevant details, and who your audience will be. From there, you’ll be involved with every step as we develop each written work. Planning upfront always pays off.


Copy Writing 

Copywriters style words for advertising your goods and services.   We flex our pen muscles to create a compelling and persuasive story about your business and brand. We’ve said it before, but your story needs to be told. And the way that it gets told can be anywhere from your website, blogs, product descriptions, emails, or social platforms. That’s a lot of coordination and creation that needs to happen to create a singular brand voice and expansive story. 

We’ll help you focus on your brand’s development by making sure it resonates with your customers and future clients. Our quality comes from listening, planning, and utilizing talented wordsmiths in the right way.

Oh, and forget the word counts, writing is an iterative process. Word counts are not a measurement of work or quality. Writing is a communication tool that works to convey a clear message. Word counts distract from clarity, so we don’t use them. Instead, we work within your budget. We aim to develop timeless writing that aids your business and organization’s growth.

Technical Writing 

A complex process needs to be written in a common language. Technical writing describes any writing done to complete work. Our multidisciplinary writers act as the mediator between your technical staff and process and less technical readers. We create the strategy for your team about what it is you are trying to communicate. We can enable the process of creating clear, to the point, end-user documentation has a very specific purpose. 

A good “How-To”, or any bit of writing, needs to be concise. As a result, it allows people to understand the meaning. Our team can help you with several types of technical documentation including, training development, government proposal writing, software and hardware manuals, process and task orders, and so much more.  

Script Writing

We offer a script writing service for web content and media to translate your story to video. Our team shapes the design of the film project. We’ll craft the production clearly and quickly while still developing the story that you’re interested in telling.

Whether it’s for products or services, our scriptwriters know a thing or two about plots and film production. We can even alter previous scripts and turn them into new tales.  


Whether you’re a job seeker or a small business, a resume is your bread and butter.  That’s why we help anyone with their resumes.

Job Seekers

We have created basic resume templates to help people looking for work.  They provide instructions and explanations and are free for you to use.  Our goal is to help you get back to work and on your feet, if you are unemployed.  We also provide a free 30-minute, resume review, to help students and unemployed veterans.  We’ll discuss your resume and how to make improvements.

If you are currently working and would like to spruce up your resume, or really go all out on your resume, we can also provide those services for a fee.  We’ll teach you how to write your resume and make edits as you need them.  This will take 2 hours of your time to learn.  You’ll need to bring 5 job postings for the job you are interested in applying to as examples.

Small Business

Creating resumes that are streamlined and look uniform is professional-level stuff! When a client asks for resumes, you should hand over a group of documents that look and feel like a team.  Let’s discuss your needs as a small business that keep your costs low by creating a template you can use whenever you need it.


Free Resume Templates

ATS Resume Text File

Student Resume

Professional Resume 1

Professional Resume 2

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Will it be a yarn, short story, or novel of a tale? No matter your imagination, you can send us a email or book a free 30-minute call. We’ll put the coffee on.