If you want to communicate with someone, you have to use their language.

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How your message gets delivered is important.

Atomic Dumpling has your writing needs covered. Technical writing should be ageless, easy to understand, and consistently produced. Good writers are hard to come by. Some businesses boast of having hundreds of writers at their disposal. We’re not like that, because we don’t see that as quality service.

Copy writing or technical writing, Atomic Dumpling is here for you!

Forget the word counts, writing is a process.

Writing is an iterative process. Word counts are not a measurement of work or quality. Writing is a communication tool that works to convey a clear message. Word counts distract from clarity, so we don’t use them. Instead, we work within your budget. We aim to develop timeless writing that aids your business and organization’s growth.

We create logic-based plans to outline the writing process. At first, we’ll focus on upfront planning. We set up each project and outline every step. Understanding your goals is an important first step.

Atomic Dumpling will work with you, develop your ideas as a plan, and capture all key materials, relevant details, and who your audience will be. From there, you’ll be involved with every step as we develop each written work.

With copy writing, were here to help you understand markets and advertise your products and services.  To do that, you need writers that can coordinate the message and create the marketing content for you.

Technical writing is another area that we can help your team.  Clear, to the point, end-user documentation has a very specific purpose.  We can help you with a number of different projects including how to manuals, proposals, DYI manuals, and other technical projects.

Training and development are directly linked to employee happiness and retention. Therefore, we can help your business in several ways including eLearning, curriculum development, and training manuals.

Atomic Dumpling can help with local, State, and Federal technical writing projects.  There are a number of ways our writing team can help.  We provide services for consulting, proofing, template creation, or by writing the document itself.

Need some wordsmithing?

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