The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

Innovative thinking, exemplified.


Uncommon Problems Require Unique Thinking

Atomic Dumpling was formed to lead projects to successes as a management service.

We provide guidance and leadership for projects that require knowledge you get from rolling up your sleeves and doing the job. 

Our team has experience working with everyone, start-up entrepreneurs to enterprise level corporations.  Bringing technology and creativity together under one roof, we manage complex ventures in media, visual effects, unmanned systems, hardware and software development, VR/AR, and artificial intelligence.  We aren’t limited in capacity because we draw from our strategic partnerships to earn comprehensive skill sets.

With have nearly 50 years of combined real-world experience. Our team’s unique backgrounds translate to rock-solid experience, bringing creative thought to every project in which we are involved.  That is why we joined forces.  To bring our imagination and skills to bear as a combined unit. Our knowledge translates to forge real solutions for uncommon problems.


 Ideas based on intelligence.

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Our Services

Somewhere between software, hardware, comes the balance of providing the solutions.  Our team specializes in providing direction to ventures ranging from visual effects in motion pictures to developing unmanned systems.  We provide project management services that match your needs in tech or creative sectors.  Listening to your needs, we build a team that caters to what you need, to produce what you’re looking for.  Our goal is to take your vision and translate it reality.

Project Management

We provide guidance for projects that require real-world knowledge. Things like Unmanned Systems, VR/AR, AI, and other technical challenges your organization faces. Our Project Management rates start low at +$65USD/Hour.

Business Advisory

Developing new areas within your agency, we’ll help you create effective pipelines through training programs, building applications and tools, and forming right teams to streamline your new operational endeavors. Getting advisory help can be affordable, with rates starting at +$65USD/Hour.

Art Direction

We have the expertise to direct the overall style in which your message is communicated to your audience, in whatever form it takes from film, print, to video games. We keep our diection on par with the industry, based on project at +$45USD/Hour.

Production Design

Expanding your ideas onto whatever your canvas is like toys, games, media, or products. Our team develops ideas through sound creative processes, managing people and resources. We’ll keep projects on style and on time, all the while ensuring that the desired message is conveyed to your consumers. Creative consulting at it’s finest doesn’t have to be overly expensive, which is why our rates start low +$65USD/Hour.