What’s Your Story?

A business’s brand is a uniquely identifiable look. We can identify businesses through their colors, jingles, or their logo. Humans learn to identify with products and services. Consumers and customers become fans of a brand, it becomes part of their story as a way of life. They’ll stand by the brand because of the quality, service, and how that brand makes them feel. Those customer emotions are the reason why your brand matters.

Do your Customers Identify with your brand Passionately?

The journey for every business’s customer is a personal one. They take you on their way as they go about their busy lives. People become passionate about your particular brand and pass it on to their friends and families. Their passion translates to your business’s growth and development. That’s why your brand has to resonate with them.

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Whether your customer is a person, a business, or a community, your brand needs to stand out. Your brand has to have a tone of voice and it needs to stand for something.  That’s where we come in. Through creating an identifiable brand we’ll generate value and purpose for your business. We’ll help you translate your brand to both your customers and your employees.

Your Brand is The Hero

Each member of our team is a highly-skilled creative developer of websites, writing, video, photography, and training. Marketing yourself to the world requires the deep knowledge of tech, creativity, and advertising our team brings to the table. The content we develop is the alpha and omega of the storytelling journey for businesses and government agencies.

We’ll transform your brand identity to your vision, expanding along the horizon on cutting-edge tech with a mix of out-of-this-world media to create commercial features you’re going to love.

If you’re going to tell your story, make it a great story. Why not come to the experts in visual impact comes to create your business brand with explosive imagery and a creative narrative. You want your story to be imaginative to stand out and compelling to drive interest. Building your brand with all of this requires innovative thinking that comes from decades of experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Photo of laptop with rainbow lights behind the words web development and design
Photo of laptop with rainbow lights behind the words web development and design
American flag in background behind the words Government Services
Two women with a laptop, taking a class, set behind the words Training Development
Library books photograph behind the words writing services

I worked with Atomic Dumpling to create a resume design. They went above and beyond to help me completely redesign it so that it fit my personality and my industry. Anna is very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Atomic Dumpling for any resume or other business design needs!

Jordyn Meyers

Lighting Engineer, Freelance

Atomic Dumpling was very fast and professional in designing logos & designs for my company, products, and brand. Anna is a great person and one heck of a designer, I would recommend Atomic Dumpling to any and all of my friends. I will be coming back to them for years to come for products and services as my business and business needs grow. Thank you!

David Willoughby

Owner, Willoughby Farms

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