The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

Innovative thinking, exemplified.


Solving Unique Problems

Atomic Dumpling was formed by a team of people that lead projects to become successes.

We work with start-up entrepreneurs to enterprise level corporations on a range of project types which include product development, markets for products, and product implementation. 

As consultants, we have nearly 50 years of combined real-world experience. Our team’s unique backgrounds translate to rock-solid experience, bringing creative thought to every project in which we are involved. That is why we joined forces: to bring our imagination and skills to bear as a combined unit. Our knowledge translates across seemingly unrelated fields. Working together one the impossible, we can forge the probable.


 We create solutions.

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Creative Consulting

We aid in developing and managing your product throughout the creative phase. We help companies expand their ideas with toys, games, and products they are developing through sound creative processes and management of people and resources.

We will help in determining the overall style in which your message is communicated to its audience, whatever form it takes. Bringing peace of mind by knowing that your project is in professional hands.

Art Direction

Our Art Direction services will help you keep your projects on track. We have the knowledge of what kind and how best to use design elements from all media types including film, print and video games.

Our experience allows us to manage staff, inspire other creative workers and keep projects on style and on time, all the while ensuring that the clients’ desired message and image are conveyed to consumers.



Textures & Patterns


Models & Miniatures


Worlds Cities & Sets


Planes Trains Automobiles & Ships

Technical Consulting

Somewhere between software, hardware, and overall application our team members have been involved several kinds of projects. The types of projects include geoscientific, videography, monitoring, and inspection.

Whether it’s OEM testing and development; creating training programs for your tech; or taking the guess work out of market applications for your robots, we’re here for you. We’ll help you build your business, find the right team members, and get your operations running smoothly.


We provide guidance and management services for projects that require real-world knowledge of unmanned vehicles, including their navigation systems, optics and acoustics payloads. We’ll help you research, bid projects, manage the project, and discuss the final delivery. We work with all types of unmanned vehicle (UxS) projects as your representative.