The Intersection of Creativity & Technology

Innovative thinking, exemplified.


About Us

Initially, we wanted to create a company that was like nothing else out there. Since we’re an eclectic pair, we mixed everything we know how to do, making it our mission to consult for technology and creative projects. Then we took things a step farther, creating a collaboration of small business and freelancers.

Our goal is simple, to create a mixture of intelligent people to handle complex ventures. By involving other businesses and freelancers, we can focus each talent set, creating a team of people that are master craftsmen. Each person brings extensive experience to every project, fit for startups through enterprise-level corporations, along with the various levels of government we service. Through cooperation, our collective offers guidance for projects that need the kind of knowledge you get from rolling up your sleeves and doing the job.

Together, we are the intersection of creativity and technology.


The Collective

Leigh-Alexandra Jacob

Founder & CEO

Award-winning, visual effects artist, Leigh-Alexandra Jacob, has been working on major media projects for globally recognized brands for over 20 years. Her experience in film, animation, commercials, music videos, and model-making industries not only balances out the crew from the creative side, but also with her understanding of the process as a whole. Leigh provides unique vision for all innovations and creative direction for every project. She lends her expertise to Art Direction and Production Design concepts and projects.

Anna Pilette

Cofounder & COO

Anna has spent her career managing projects the world over for over 2 decades. She brings big-picture thinking to the business management side of the team. Her background in technology spans drones, robotics, acoustics, and optics expands into operations and product development. Anna is a geophysicist, certified diver, and sUAS Remote Pilot. She has a decades worth of real-world experiences with operations, development, testing, and a wide variety of global tech markets including Defense, Energy, and Unmanned Systems.

Motley Beast

The Atomic Dumpling

Motley was abandoned as a four week old kitten. As a rescue, she has become part of the adventure and is the inspiration for the company name as the original Atomic Dumpling.

Today, this three-year old feline is the mighty ruler of a future dynasty. You can spot a little bit of Motley in everything we do. She's our official mascot and helper kitty.


 Ideas based on intelligence.

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Creativity + Technology = Partner


Our collective creates killer websites, eCommerce, visual effects, media, and software every organization should have.

We mix the web development with the message content your organization needs to convey to define their ultimate mission.  That combines marketing and brand information through search engine optimization, social outlets, and the written word. We take things to the limit, expanding along the horizon on cutting-edge tech with artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, to really create show-stopping projects.

Finally, we round things out with out-of-this-world video, visual effects, and photography to create commercials and film features for you to broadcast to the world.


Content Strategy

Creating your message comes from imagination, but effectively delivering it comes from experience. The team specialists create dynamic, well thought-out content based on your audience within the market you want to target.


Media & Visual Effects

Any story should be told through explosive imagery. Our team has decades of experience crafting awesome effects, props, and video for film and commercials.


Web Design

The great expanse of the web should start with an amazing website that’s scalable and stunning. Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or whatever, we’ll make sure it fits your needs, style, and budget.


Artificial Intelligence

Get your software in gear with artificial intelligence. If your needs include analysis, machine learning, or more complex functions of artificial intelligence, our team of experts is already in place.


Virtual & Augmented Reality

Custom help for games, applications, software, training, or whatever your project.



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We’re a 21st-century team crushing sophisticated projects for modern companies. Now, it’s your turn.

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