Innovative thinking, exemplified.

Our business is built on the foundation that great ideas are brought to life through creative thinking and team collaboration. Together, our outstanding team will take the guess work out of your vision, to deliver solutions tailored to your organization.

Ideas based on intelligence.

We bring together the right team to help your organization succeed in its mission.

To create new and interesting ideas, Atomic Dumpling has brought together a collective of splendidly talented, small businesses. Together, we develop answers to complex problems that organizations face for creative and technology projects.

We’re a fit for startups through enterprise-level corporations, along with the various levels of government agencies. We provide guidance for projects that need the kind of knowledge you get from rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done.

Collaboration starts here.

Web development and design extend much further than simple WordPress sites.  We bring together teams of experts that can create software applications, API, PHP, and so much more.  Web sites that are specialized in Drupal, WordPress, or anything else, Atomic Dumpling can help.

A website isn’t just a destination, but a discovery experience. From big commerce to entertainment, your web site requires a visual appeal, intuitive layout, and a backbone that’s rock solid.  We’ll help you from front-end to back-end to get the perfect customer experience in place.  Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or any other type of site, we’ll help you fully integrate it to become a complete experience.

Content is strategy. We bring together a complete team of behavioral science, copywriters, data analysis to see who is interested in you and how they are interested.

Through search engine optimization, UX and UI, understanding online markets, to the flip side with creating presence through social media integration with media content and scripting the written word. We’re with you every step of the way.

Great media that includes, video, photography, vfx, practical effects, and cgi.  We can do it all helping you create film features, media content for your You Tube channel, or commercials.

If you’re going to tell a story, make it memorable.  Visual impact comes from explosive imagery and a creative narrative.  You want your story to be imaginative to stand out and compelling to drive interest.  Building your brand requires the type of innovative thinking that comes from decades of experience. We’ll help your team by creating visual effects, practical effects, video, and still photography.

AI and Machine Learning come together with our team of data scientists.

Get your software in gear with artificial intelligence and the cloud. If your needs include big data, data analysis, machine learning, or more complex functions of artificial intelligence, our team of experts is already in place and ready to help you.

Virtual and Augmented Reality, whether it's game design or interfacing with the internet of things, our teams know how to create a new world.

We provide teams to help interface your digital content with virtual and augmented reality. Around the web, from game designs to virtual tours on the internet of things. We’ll help you build the right models and concepts all the way through to completion.

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